Dragon Pearls

Linglong Shagui Dan


General Support: Acute, Gu Syndrome, Immune System, Nervous System, Urinary,

Formula Family: Overall Cooling,

Dragon Pearls are designed to address a wide variety of acute inflammatory conditions, regardless of their pathogenic classification. It is common in modern TCM to use cold and bitter herbs to fight pathogens. While Dragon Pearls does indeed contain a strong selection of bitter substances, in the specific form of two 1,850 year old Shanghan lun (Treatise on Disorders Caused by Cold) remedies classified as clearing yangming heat (Xiexin Tang and Yinchenhao Tang).

  • Clear toxic heat in acute cases of aggressive inflammation
  • Transform damp heat and toxic phlegm
  • Reduce fevers and cyclical spikes in temperature
  • Alleviate pain by dispelling wind damp and opening blocked collaterals

90 capsules / 500 mg each


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Supplement Facts

Serving size: 3 capsules
Servings per container: 30
Amount per serving: 1500mg

*Proprietary blend containing pure herbal extracts of:

Indigofera tinctoria (qingdai), Artemisia capillaris young shoot (yinchenhao), Euonymus alatus (guijianyu), Aconitum kusnezoffii root (caowu), Scutellaria baicalensis root (huangqin), Gardenia jasminoides fruit (zhizi), Cyclinae sinensis (haigefen), Zingiber officinale rhizome fresh (shengjiang), Coptis chinensis rhizome (huanglian), Rheum officinale root cured (shu dahuang), Glycyrrhiza glabra root (gancao)

* % Daily value not established

Other ingredients: living green clay excipient, vegetable capsule




Please consult with your healthcare provider for specific dosage recommendations.

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