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A Return to the Clinical Power of Our Roots


We manage the sourcing, production and formulation of the highest quality ingredients into unique and potent formulations based on the classical medical texts, and fine-tuned to treat modern patients suffering from the complex diseases of our times.

Herbal medicine was once the only modality to cure serious diseases. Today, the intricate alchemical principles and the experience based approach of traditional herbal science has become overshadowed by laboratory parameters—often to the detriment of clinical results. It is the mission of Classical Pearls to launch a return to the classical and clinic-based roots of Chinese herbal medicine.

Each of our patent herbal formulas is designed with these simple, classical principles of Chinese herbalism:

  • Emphasis on the alchemical integrity of classical formulas
  • Focus on the synergistic “fusion” effect of herb combining
  • Integrating the deepest classical level of understanding organ network physiology
  • Attention to inherent yin-yang balance in formula design
  • Flexible, experience based modification approach that addresses the clinical problems of our day
  • Preservation of effective herbal approaches that are in danger of getting lost
  • Highest standards of ingredient purity
  • Promotion of traditional alchemical growing technique


Classical Pearls is proud to be part of an international movement that seeks to honor and restore the classical origins of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is a highly sophisticated science and deeply spiritual art form. We believe in trusting what history has taught us – that Chinese herbal formulation is based on simple foundational principles that are often ignored or misunderstood in the construct of modern TCM education. With our formulas and the core educational concepts behind them, our goal is to preserve the true clinical power and efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine.

Each of our remedies incorporates principles of classical formula design synthesized from the ancient texts of Oriental medicine and a variety of classical lineage approaches. Based on over two decades of clinical experience, tightly structured classical formulas have been combined and fine-tuned to the modern diseases of our time. It is our sincere hope that the study and use of the Classical Pearls series of products can help Oriental medicine practitioners increase their clinical efficacy and gain a better understanding of the time-honored principles of alchemical wisdom that are gradually being forgotten.


Each of our unique formulas is consistent with the principles elucidated in the classical texts of Chinese medicine. All formulas have been designed by Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc, according to ancient principles of herb combining laid out in classical medical texts and relevant clinical lineages that have emerged from them. With over three decades of experience researching and translating the classics, Dr. Fruehauf has fine-tuned each formula from a modern clinical perspective to treat patients suffering from the complex diseases of our time.

flowerTo relieve the suffering of one’s time, there is no greater path than medicine. Within it, nothing is more effective than the prescription of herbs.

- Imperial Patent Formulary to Aid the People
(Taiping huimin heji jufang), 1107

An Introduction to
Classical Pearls Herbal Formulas

In this video, teacher, scholar and practitioner Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc, speaks about his inspiration and motivation for founding Classical Pearls Herbal Formulas and the unique family of products that we produce.

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The Art and Science
of Chinese Medicine

In this video, teacher, scholar and practitioner Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc, speaks about how now, more than ever, Chinese medicine is relevant as a medicine that can treat both acute and chronic hard-to-treat diseases.