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Huangbai 5:1 (OUT OF STOCK)

Classical Name:
Phellodendri Cortex
Phellodendron chinense stem bark
Herbs that Protect the Yang by Clearing Inflammation/Gu Toxicity (護陽)
Organic, soluble quinoa extract
Growing Location:
Hubei Province, China (wild-crafted)
Traditional Preparation:
Unprocessed, naturally dried.


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Huangbai (Phellodendron bark) has traditionally been classified as a medicinal substance that clears symptoms associated with damp heat and deficiency heat in the lower burner. At the same time, it is valued as an excess removing herb that benefits the storage capacity of the Kidney and the vital fire of mingmen.

The best region for harvesting medicinal grade Huangbai is the damp environment of Sichuan Province, where many of China’s most effective anti-damp medicinals tend to thrive. Since Japanese Kanpo medicine greatly values this herb, most of Japan’s leading herb suppliers will only utilize the highest grade Huangbai imported from its traditional habitat. Classical Pearls is proud to offer wild-crafted Huangbai from the heart of the Huangbai growing region, the pristine mountain ranges of Western Hubei. This territory was administered by the governor of Sichuan until the late Qing dynasty, and has long been the source for many medicinal plants in the famous category of “Sichuanese herbs.” Until the late 1980s, no roads connected the villages in these remote mountains to the rest of China, and local herb collectors had to transport their seasonal bounty to urban markets by horse caravan.

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