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Danshen 5:1

Classical Name:
Salvia miltiorrhizae Radix
Salvia miltiorrhiza root
Herbs that Contain the Yang by Nourishing Yin/Qi and Cooling Deficiency Heat (收陽)
Growing Location:
Shandong Province, China
Traditional Preparation:
Unprocessed, naturally dried


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Danshen (Salvia), the bright red root of the “Cinnabar Ginseng,” has traditionally been classified as a bitter and slightly cold substance with a direct affinity to the Heart. Following the invention of Siwu Tang in the 12th century, Chinese physicians began to regard Danshen as a single herb equivalent to the famous Blood regulating formula, capable of addressing all xuedisorders by simultaneously nourishing, moving, and cooling the Blood of the Heart and Liver. While not mentioned in the influential clinical classic Shanghan lun, Danshen has become one of the favorite subjects of modern phytopharmacology research, confirming its effectiveness in the treatment of many modern conditions (especially those related to heart disease).

Due to high demand and overharvesting, mature medicinal grade Danshen roots are rarely found in the wild anymore in the heartland of ancient China (Henan, Shaanxi and Northern Sichuan). Classical Pearls sources its roots from naturally farmed plots in the pristine mountains of Northern Sichuan, one of the traditional didao locations for the Salvia miltiorrhiza plant. The minerals in the uniquely colored soil of this region give the roots a natural cinnabar appearance. In the past, roots from other regions were often processed with mercury sulfite (Dansha) to enhance the cinnabar look as well as the calming and vasorelaxant properties of the herb.

Unprocessed, naturally dried