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Chinese Herbal Formulas

  • Classical Pearls Legacy Series bottles


    The Legacy Series is Classical Pearls’ original line of essential herbal formulations designed for the treatment of difficult and recalcitrant diseases in modern times. All remedies are based on traditional formulas that have been modified according to the combined clinical experience of Dr. Heiner Fruehauf and his senior mentors in the fields of classical phytotherapy, traditional paozhi processing, internal medicine, and Daoist bone healing.

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  • Classical Pearls Heritage Series bottles


    The Heritage Series is a more recent addition to Classical Pearls' line of herbal products and represents both a stand-alone line for internal medicine practitioners who prefer the use of unmodified classical remedies comprised of the highest quality ingredients, as well as a long-awaited complimentary addition to the remedies in the Legacy Series.

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Classical Pearls Single Herbs bottles

Single Herbs

We are incredibly proud of the impeccable quality of the herbs we produce. We do our very best to ensure that our herb extracts are quite stable; though because our extracts are produced naturally, they are more prone to clump once the bottle is opened or if you are in a very humid environment (the same goes for standard granules as well). We think you will find that the incredible quality and purity, and therefore efficacy, of the herbs makes this risk worth it.

Please be aware that we consider the single herb line a “project” and do not stock the entirety of the Chinese herbal materia medica.

We are continuing to experiment with both innovative new processing technologies with the goal of producing the highest quality, purist, and most stable herbal powders available. We will continue to make these powders for clinical use, and we encourage you to explore this herbal line of unmatched quality!

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