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Single Herbs


We are incredibly proud of the impeccable quality of the herbs we produce.

We do our very best to ensure that our herb extracts are quite stable; though because our extracts are produced naturally, they are more prone to clump once the bottle is opened or if you are in a very humid environment (the same goes for standard granules as well). We think you will find that the incredible quality and purity, and therefore efficacy, of the herbs makes this risk worth it.

Please be aware that we consider the single herb line a “project” and do not stock the entirety of the Chinese herbal materia medica.

In the interest of producing the purest products possible, Classical Pearls does not use the traditional granulation process, which also requires the use of starches or dextrin - often in large quantities. Instead, we simply decoct the herbs in hot water, and then concentrate this extract into a thick syrup. After being slowly dried, the gum is pulverized. The resulting powder will be the optimally extracted concentration of the herb and often does not match the ubiquitous 5:1 concentrations used in modern granules. The natural tendency of most herbs is to return to a more solid state, which necessitates the use of an excipient (an addition to the herbal extract) to avoid this clumping. Most granules contain potentially allergenic corn or potato starches or maltodextrin, so we endeavored to find a safer and more nutritious powder to use. We were pleased to discover that a high quality organic soluble quinoa extract added to the finished powder both stabilized the powder and mediated the concentration ratios. We have chosen organic quinoa as it is known to generally benefit nutrition while containing no gluten or other potential allergens. In Chinese medicine it is considered warming and tonifying to the Kidneys and Pericardium.

All of our extracts are made at concentrations of either 5:1 or 10:1, with a few exceptions that naturally extract at lower concentrations and are clearly labeled as such. All of the 10:1 extracts are bottled with an alternate label design to help distinguish them from the more commonly used 5:1 extracts. All single herbs are made available in 100 gram bottles, so please note that a bottle of 10:1 extract contains twice as much herbs as a bottle of 5:1 extract. The primary reason we have chosen to produce 10:1 extracts is that it allows us to add less organic quinoa to the herbs that naturally extract at very high concentrations. In order to dose the 10:1 extracts in a formula, simply use half as much as you would use of a normal 5:1 extract or granule.

We are continuing to experiment with both innovative new processing technologies with the goal of producing the highest quality, purist, and most stable herbal powders available. We will continue to make these powders for clinical use, and we encourage you to explore this herbal line of unmatched quality!