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Heritage Series


The Heritage Series is a more recent addition to Classical Pearls' line of herbal products.

The Heritage Series represents both a stand-alone line for internal medicine practitioners who prefer the use of unmodified classical remedies comprised of the highest quality ingredients, as well as a long-awaited addition to the remedies in the Legacy Series. Like the Legacy remedies, Heritage formulas can be used singly or in combination with other Pearls, including those in the Legacy Series.

It contrasts as well as complements the Legacy Series by featuring the following characteristics:

  • Spotlights traditional formulas with particular relevance for modern clinical practice in unmodified form
  • Utilizes classical ingredient amounts as they were specified in relevant source texts (based on comprehensive research in the most recent historical and archaeological discoveries in the field of Chinese pharmacology)
  • Presents a selection of rare classical prescriptions that due to the complexity of their design and the rarity or preciousness of their ingredients are not produced in high quality form anymore

The Heritage Series is an ongoing project and the line will continue to expand and evolve. The reason why certain pertinent classical remedies are not included thus far, such as Guizhi Shaoyao Zhimu Tang or Danggui Sini Tang, is because they are already available in slightly modified form in the Legacy Series.