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Legacy Series


The Legacy Series is Classical Pearls’ original line of essential herbal formulations designed for the treatment of difficult and recalcitrant diseases in modern times.

All remedies are based on traditional formulas that have been modified according to the combined clinical experience of Dr. Heiner Fruehauf and his senior mentors in the fields of classical phytotherapy, traditional paozhi processing, internal medicine, and Daoist bone healing.

The intricate adaptations of the original formula prescriptions are based on the following considerations:

  • Modified to classical convention in order to achieve “alchemical stability” for long-term chronic patients
  • Modified to enhance clinical efficacy for difficult and recalcitrant disorders in modern clinical practice
  • Modified to enhance overall safety or potent and strong-acting herbs

The design of each formula focuses on a yin-yang balance between hot/drying and cold/moisturizing herbs, and features inclusion of food grade herbs, altogether making remedies more gentle and suitable for long-term use.

The formulas have been modified and refined based on thirty years of clinical use by Dr. Fruehauf in his clinical practice, and have been produced by Classical Pearls since the founding of the company in 2008 in order to make them available to a broader audience of Chinese medicine practitioners and other holistic medical providers.

The Legacy Series is the foundation for Classical Pearls' system of treatment approaches to both common and complex diseases encountered in the 21st century, and enables holistic practitioners to treat most conditions encountered in contemporary Western practice by selecting a single remedy that best fits the overall disease/symptom pattern of the patient, or in combination with other Classical Pearls formulas, including remedies in the Heritage Series.

The modularity of the Legacy Series enables both beginners and seasoned practitioners to safely enhance the efficacy of their physical treatments such as acupuncture, massage, or chiropractic adjustment with superior quality Chinese herbal extracts that are comprehensively designed for the complex constitutional needs of today’s patients.