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Fuling 10:1

Classical Name:
Wolfiporia cocos sclerotium
Herbs that Descend the Yang and Regulate Counterflow (降陽)
Growing Location:
Hubei Province, China (cultivated in near wild conditions)
Traditional Preparation:


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Please note: This is a 10:1 herbal extract.  When using in a formula with 5:1 extracts, you will only need to use half of dose you would use for a 5:1 extract.


Fuling is a tuberous fungus that grows below the roots of pine trees. The raw material exhibits a chalky consistency and a bland taste, and classical herb primers have primarily classified it as entering into the taiyin network (Spleen and Lung). It tonifies spleen qi, disinhibits stagnating dampness/fluids, and calms shen—therefore its name Fuling, meaning “concealed spirit.”

Medicinal Quality

Traditionally, this substance was wild-crafted in the province of Yunnan in Southwest China where most of China’s pine forests are located. Since Fuling and Fushen represent two of the most often used herbs in modern Chinese herbalism, the world-wide demand for this herb has long exceeded the availability of wild tubers.

Traditional Terroir

Classical Pearls sources Fuling from the forests once roamed by the great herbalist Li Shizhen, the pristine Dabieshan mountain range in Hubei where the soil is still free of industrial pollutants, and where Fuling can be cultivated in near wild conditions. Japanese herb experts taught local farmers 40 years ago how to inoculate pine logs and grow the precious tubers underground.

Traditional Preparation