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Guizhi 10:1 (OUT OF STOCK)

Classical Name:
(Vietnamese) Cinnamon twig
Cinnamomi Ramulus
Cinnamomum loureirii twig
Herbs Favored by the Sichuan Fire Spirit School to Support the Yang (扶陽)
Organic, soluble quinoa powder
Growing Location:
Vietnam (cultivated in near wild conditions), on the border near Yunnan, China
Traditional Preparation:
Made from the twig of Vietnamese cinnamon (favored by the Fire Spirit School of Chinese herbalism), a species more potent than the commonly used Chinese cinnamon


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About Guizhi 10:1 (OUT OF STOCK)

Note: this is a 10:1 herbal extract. When using in a formula with 5:1 extracts, use only a half dose normally used for a 5:1 extract.