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Banxia (Fa) 5:1

Classical Name:
Pinellia, prepared
Rhizoma pinelliae preparata
Pinellia ternata rhizome cured
(法) 半夏
Herbs that Descend the Yang and Regulate Counterflow (降陽)
Growing Location:
Sichuan Province
Traditional Preparation:
Processed in the traditional qing banxia style, which is soaked in water, boiled in licorice tea, immersed in lime, dried.


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About Banxia (Fa) 5:1

Banxia (Fa) 5:1 is available from Classical Pearls. We manage the sourcing, production and formulation of the highest quality ingredients of all our products into unique and potent formulations based on the classical medical texts, and fine-tuned to treat modern patients suffering from the complex diseases of our time.

Classical Pearls is a part of an international movement that seeks to honor and restore the classical origins of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is a highly sophisticated science and deeply spiritual art form. Herbal formulation is based on simple foundational principles that are often ignored or misunderstood in the construct of modern TCM education. With Classical Pearls’ formulas and the core educational concepts behind them, the goal is to preserve the true clinical power and efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine.