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Classical Pearls Clinical Reference Guide (2019) [Book]



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About Classical Pearls Clinical Reference Guide (2019) [Book]

Classical Pearls Herbal Formulas: Clinical Reference Guide (2019)

By Heiner Fruehauf

Heron Institute for Life Science304 pages, spiral bound
Published by Heron Institute (2019)

This educational tool is the definitive guide for assisting healthcare providers in using the Classical Pearls Herbal Formulas product lines, and was conceived and designed at Heron institute, a not-for-profit educational organization in Portland and Corbett, Oregon (US).

 The Clinical Reference Guide from Heron Institute is divided into four distinct sections:

  • Reference materials for both product lines, including product information like pregnancy recommendations, products that contain animal ingredients, considerations for using the products, Formula Family categories, and a wide variety of other important resources
  • “Legacy Series of Remedies”, the original Classical Pearls formulas
  • “Heritage Series of Remedies”, the new line of formulas containing a variety of traditional and classical formulas
  • Appendix with a Formula Applications Index and which products to consider using

This volume, conceived and designed at the Heron Institute for Life Science, is an evolution of previous publications by Classical Pearls, with much greater depth about how to use the Classical Pearls products with greater efficacy. The hope is that using this resource also expands the practitioner's knowledge and understanding of Chinese herbalism and Chinese medicine in general.

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