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Tiger Pearls

Classical Name:
Taohe Wenpi Tang 桃核溫脾湯
General Support:
Chronic, Digestive
Formula Family:
Overall Warming, Warming and Consolidating (and Moistening) with Aconite
Organ Systems:
Kidney, Large Intestine, Spleen, Stomach
Six Stages:
Overall Warming


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Tiger Pearls are designed to offer a constitutional approach to chronic constipation and hard stool in middle-aged and elderly patients. Generally, TCM doctrine regards constipation issues as a combination of yangming heat and metal dryness, requiring purgative action with cooling and moistening ingredients i.e., Maziren Wan (Hemp Seed Formula). However, most patients suffering from chronic constipation hard stool tend to be elderly, thyroid deficient, and exhibit poor bowel motility. Tiger Pearls employ Sun Simiao’s 7th century remedy Wenpi Tang (Warm the Spleen Decoction) to “restart” the system, by embedding the purgative power of rhubarb in an environment of herbs that gently warm the Spleen and the Kidneys. The 2nd century remedy Taohe Chengqi Tang (Peach Pit Decoction to Order the Qi) increases blood circulation in the intestinal walls, ensures elimination of cellular waste, and prevents degenerative processes.

  • Resolve habitual constipation and deep-seated cellular toxicity in overall deficient individuals by clearing yangming networks (Stomach/Large Intestine) and boosting Spleen/Kidney functions
  • Normalize bowel movements by balancing thyroid levels
  • Curb auto-immune reactions by reducing toxic load
  • Constipation; or alternating loose stool and constipation; Hard stool, or alternating loose and hard stool
  • Cold and congested feeling in lower abdomen
  • Undigested food in stool
附子 Fuzi Aconite; traditionally processed
刺五加 Ciwujia Eleuthero
乾姜 Ganjiang Ginger; dried
大黃 Dahuang Rhubarb
Wenpi Tang
桂枝 Guizhi Cinnamon twig, Vietnamese
赤芍 Chishao Peony, red
芒硝 Mangxiao Mirabilitum
桃仁 Taoren Persica seed; unpeeled
(炙)甘草 (Zhi) Gancao Licorice; baked with jujube flower honey
Taohe Chengqi Tang
何首烏 Heshouwu Heshouwu; soaked in rice soup, steamed with black beans
moisten LI, KID, LIV; balance drying herbs
To help clear toxicity (supporting healthy lymphatic drainage) combine with

Metal Pearls

For difficult bowel movements and/or hard stool as a result of digestive "Gu" combine with

Thunder Pearls

For disharmony of blood sugar levels use or combine with

Sugar Pearls

To promote healthy Kidney functionality combine with

Water Pearls or Ocean Pearls

For stagnation and accumulations in the lower burner use or combine with

Ocean Pearls

For stagnation and accumulations in the upper burner combine with

Glacier Pearls or Metal Pearls

To provide endocrine support and strengthen bones combine with

Vitality Pearls or Guanyin Pearls

For low blood values combine with

Vitality Pearls

For pronounced symptoms of dryness combine with

Water Pearls or Spirit Pearls

To promote calmness and healthy sleep combine with

Spirit Pearls

Serving size: 3 capsules
Servings per contains: 30
Amount per serving: 1500mg

*Proprietary blend containing pure herbal extracts of: Aconitum carmichaelii accessory root cured (Fuzi), Polygonum multiflorum root (Heshouwu), Rheum officinale root (Dahuang), Zingiber officinale rhizome dried (Ganjiang), Eleutherococcus senticosus root (Ciwujia), Cinnamomum lourerii twig (Guizhi), Paeonia lactiflora root (Chishao), Prunus persica  seed (Taoren), , Glycyrrhiza glabra root honey-fried (Zhi Gancao), Mirabilitum (Mangxiao)
* % Daily value not established Other ingredients: living green clay excipient, vegetable capsule  
  • Adults: 3-4 capsules 2x/day
  • Typical adult combination usage example: 3 Tiger Pearls plus 2 Water Pearls 2x/day (for chronic constipation with pronounced symptoms of dryness)
  • Caution: Not suitable for most children and pregnant women