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Water Pearls

Classical Name:
Yanling Guben Dan 延齡固本丹
General Support:
Chronic, Fertility, Immune System, Nervous System, Reproductive System, Urinary
Formula Family:
Overall Warming, Warming and Moistening with Rehmannia
Organ Systems:
Bladder, Kidney, Liver, Lung, Spleen
Six Stages:
Shaoyin, Taiyin
Immune System
Nervous System
Reproductive System
Overall Warming
Warming and Moistening with Rehmannia


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Water Pearls complements Classical Pearl’s trademark aconite approach to chronic Spleen/Kidney weakness with a rehmannia based remedy. Its design is based on the 17th century Daoist remedy Yanling Guben Dan (Extend Life and Fortify the Source Pellet), a food grade tonic that represents an extension of the classical 2nd century formula Shenqi Wan (Kidney Qi Pill). It is overall more moistening than the constitutional Kidney tonics that feature aconite as their chief ingredient. Water Pearls are suitable for chronic Kidney deficiency issues and it has an overall anti-aging effect.

  • Tonify qi of Kidney, Liver, and Lung
  • Tonify and astringe prenatal essence
  • Warm the Kidney and disinhibit stagnating water
  • Invigorate sluggish qi and blood circulation in pelvic region
  • Signs of deficiency of Kidney essence: lumbar pain, weak knees and legs, pain in the soles of the feet or heels, shortness of breath, premature graying of hair and/or hair loss, ringing in the ears, dark and shrunken gums and/or teeth loss
  • Signs of water stagnation due to cold (inhibited/dribbling urination, phlegm, weakness/discomfort below the umbilicus, cold feeling in the lower part of the body)
生地黃 (Sheng) Dihuang Rehmannia; raw
熟地黃 (Shu) Dihuang Rehmannia; mixed with wine and cardamom powder and steamed nine times
山藥 Shanyao Dioscorea
山茱萸 Shanzhuyu Cornus; steamed over rice wine
茯神 Fushen Poria Fushen
澤瀉 Zexie Alisma
(制)附子 Fuzi Aconite; traditionally processed
(越南)肉桂 (Vietnamese) Rougui Cinnamon bark, Vietnamese
()牛膝 (Huai) Niuxi Achyranthes
車前子 Cheqianzi Plantago seed
麥門冬 Maimendong Ophiopogon
五味子 Wuweizi Schisandra
枸杞子 Gouqizi Lycium fruit, Ningxia
菟絲子 Tusizi Cuscuta; steamed over rice wine
覆盆子 Fupenzi Rubus
Yanling Guben Dan (Ming dynasty food grade prenatal tonic), Shenqi Wan, Jisheng Shenqi Wan, Mai Wei Dihuang Wan, Wuzi Yanzong Wan
桑螵蛸 Sangpiaoxiao Mantis ootheca; steamed
桑寄生 Sangjisheng Loranthus
三棱 Sanleng Sparganium
莪朮 Ezhu Scirpus
astringe prenatal essence, consolidate lower back, enhance pelvic circulation
For loose stool and/or bloating use

taiyin remedies such as Amber PearlsEarth Pearls, and Vitality Pearls

For counterflow qi in the digestive or circulatory system use or combine with

Counterflow Pearls

To promote a healthy mucus membrane in the digestive tract combine with

Amber Pearls

To calm the shen and promote healthy sleep use or combine with

Spirit Pearls

For obvious yang deficiency and/or shaoyin syndrome use

Heart PearlsVitality Pearls, or Guanyin Pearls (women)

For dribbling urination or bed wetting combine with

Amber Pearls

Serving size: 3 capsules
Servings per contains: 30
Amount per serving: 1500mg

*Proprietary blend containing pure herbal extracts of: Lycium chinense fruit (Gouqizi), Ophiopogon japonicas tuber (Maimendong), Rehmannia glutinosa root (sheng Dihuang), Rehmannia glutinosa root cured (shu Dihuang), Cornus officinalis fruit (Shanzhuyu), Dioscorea oppositifolia rhizome (Shanyao), Cuscuta chinensis seed (Tusizi), Loranthus parasiticus tig and leaf (Sangjisheng), Wolfiporia cocos sclerotium (Fushen), Alisma plantago-aquatica rhizome (Zexie), Achyranthes bidentata root (Huai Niuxi), Plantago asiatica seed (Cheqianzi), Ootheca mantidis (Sangpiaoxiao), Rubus chingii fruit (Fupenzi), Schisandra chinensis fruit (Wuweizi), Cinnamomum loureiroi bark (Vietnam Rougui), Aconitum carmichaelii accessory root cured (Fuzi), Sparganium eurycarpum rhizome (Sanleng), Curcuma kwangsiensis rhizome (Ezhu)
* % Daily value not established Other ingredients: living green clay excipient, vegetable capsule
  • Children and breast-feeding women: 1-2 capsules 1-2x/day
  • Adults: 3-5 capsules 2x/day
  • Typical adult combination usage example: 3-4 Water Pearls plus 2 Amber Pearls 2x/day (for urinary incontinence in the elderly)